Terri Reece started her path to becoming a stylist as a young girl, playing dress up with her sisters and putting on shows for her parents. Growing up in a small town, Terri Reece dreamed of going to Los Angeles and becoming an actress. She made her way to LA and was able to live out her dream. While on set, Terri loved getting her hair and makeup done and realized that cosmetology would be an excellent creative outlet to still be apart of something she loved. 

Feeling new, confident and refreshed is Terri’s goal with every client that sits in her styling chair. Terri dedicates herself to giving her clients an experience that is memorable and compliments a client’s personality and everyday life style. At Terri Reece Studios, the experience begins with getting to the details of what a client hopes for. Terri enjoys taking a client’s idea and making it into a reality, while enhancing the client’s inherent beauty. Each client receives a walk through of what is planned and what to expect as the final result.

Terri Reece is a licensed cosmetologist and graduated from Portland Beauty School.  With a background in television and film, Terri has worked along side some of the industry leading men and women.  After a successful run as a freelance cosmetologist in Portland, Oregon and after becoming one of Portland’s most sought after hair stylist and makeup artists, Terri is looking forward to bringing the newest and latest techniques to Spokane, WA and to her newest full service salon in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho.